An Excerpt from
The Heart Of The Dawn Horse Testament
Of The Ruchira Avatar

from Chapter Forty

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj


I Have Observed That conditional Existence Is a limit that Inherently and Necessarily Frustrates The Great As Well As The Ultimate Motives Of conditionally Manifested beings. Therefore, every individual Must, Through Struggle, and Through The Grace Of Sudden (or, Otherwise, Growing) Insight, or Through The Grace Of Sudden (or, Otherwise, Growing) Faith (or Tacit Certainty), Learn and Accept A Life-Lesson That Makes ordinary or worldly heroes Great and Grants Wisdom To those who Seek The Ultimate.


That Life-Lesson Is This: The Great “Creative” (or Even conventionally idealistic) Goals May Never Be Attained (and They Will Not Be Attained Without A Degree Of heroic Effort, or The Commitment To Struggle and self-Sacrifice), but The Ultimate Goal (Which Is Happiness Itself) Can Never Be Attained (or Attached To the Apparently Separate self) By Any Means Whatsoever!


The Import Of That Reality Lesson Is This: If You Are Devoted To Great Purposeful Seeking In the conditional worlds, You Will Inevitably Fail If You Avoid Great Struggle and self-Sacrifice, and You May Not Succeed Even If Struggle and self-Sacrifice Are Fully Engaged By You. More Than This, If Your Goal Is The Ultimate, or Happiness Itself, Full and Perfect, You Will Necessarily and Inevitably Fail, Because Happiness Is Not Objectified (or Made Present As a conditional object In the conditional worlds).


Happiness Is An Inherent (or Unconditional and Perfectly Subjective, Rather Than conditional and Objective, or Objectified) Characteristic Of Existence, Reality, or Being (Itself). Therefore, Happiness Cannot Be Found or Attained By conditional Seeking.


Even If The Great Searches and The Great Goals Are (Basically) Oriented Toward The Elimination Of the conditions that Apparently Cause Un-Happiness, When Those Great Searches Are Fully Engaged, and Even When Those Great Goals Are Actually Attained, Happiness Itself (Full, True, and Not Threatened) Is Not Attained. Therefore, All The “Glorious” Adventures Of idealistic worldly heroes and All The “Romantic” Attainments Of “Creative” cultural geniuses End In Temporary Elation, Followed (Inevitably) By Disillusionment, and Then (At Best), Unless There Is No “Recovery” From Inevitable Disillusionment, There May Be A Reawakening Of The Stressful Motive To Seek and Attain Once More. (And Such Seeking and “Attaining” Will Tend To Continue, Until Disillusionment Itself Becomes Acceptance Of The Great Life-Lesson That Undermines All Seeking.)


Conventionally heroic and “Creative” personalities Tend To Grasp Only A Portion Of The Great Lesson Of conditional Existence. They Realize a genius For Struggle and self-Sacrifice, but (Unless, By Grace, they Realize The Truth Itself, and By self-Transcendence, Even By Advancing To The Ultimate Stages Of Life) they Never Realize Happiness Itself.


Happiness (Like Consciousness and Existence) Is Inherent, or Perfectly Subjective. It Is Not Objectified (or Made an object), and It, Therefore, Cannot Be Attained By The Effort Of Seeking. Happiness (or Inherent Love-Bliss) Cannot Be Achieved objectively, or Accomplished conditionally. You Cannot Become Happy (Any More Than You Can Become Being, or Achieve Existence, or Become Consciousness, or Be Other Than Consciousness). You Can Only Be Happy (or Realize Love-Bliss Immediately, and Inherently, or Always Already, and Perfectly Subjectively). And, Likewise (or As A Corollary To This), You Cannot Become Un-Happy, Unless, In Reaction To any particular conditional circumstance or event, You Refuse To Persist In Being Happy (and, Thus, Refuse To Persist As Always Already Existing, and Most Prior, Happiness Itself).


The Divine Person, or Real God, Is Consciousness Itself and Love-Bliss (or Free Happiness) Itself. Consciousness and Happiness Are Identical and Self-Existing.