An Overview of
He-and-She Is Me

(part 4 of 4)

The next Talk, "The Divine Person", was originally Given shortly after "Garbage and the Goddess", and it is, in many ways, a continuation of the themes of that Talk. Satsang (or the life of devotional Communion with Him), Avatar Adi Da explains, is not a matter of focusing on Him as if He were merely an extraordinary individual. The Satsang of which He speaks is a surrender of the heart and all the faculties of the body-mind to Him, based on the devotional recognition of Him as the Avataric Incarnation of the Very Divine Person. Through this heart-recognition and responsive heart-surrender to Him, one becomes more and more sensitive to His All-Pervading Spiritual Body (or Presence) and, altogether, to His Divine State of Being. The world of appearances-in traditional language, the play of "Shakti"-is found to be literally arising in His Being of Conscious Light. His Source-Light, He explains, is not known via an experience of objective Light, through the eye-mechanism, but as the "Most Perfect Feeling-Intuition of the Divine Self-Light (or Absolute Conscious Heart-Force), Eternally Prior to the cosmos".

In the final Talk of Part Four, "I Am The Avatar Of One", Adi Da Samraj explains why His Avataric Incarnation was necessary. Until the Divine Person Appeared in the world as Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the self-contraction (or the root-sense of separation from the Divine and everything else) was not fully understood-and, therefore, the Divine Reality could not be fully Realized as That Which Is Always Already the Case, Prior to all seeking. In a magnificent and passionate conclusion, Avatar Adi Da Declares that He Is the "Avatar of One", the egoless Divine Being Who is every one, and Who, through His Divine Spiritual Touch, ultimately Awakens every one to this Truth.

In Part Five, "The Heart-Summary Of Adidam" (a brief Essay that is included in all twenty-three "Source-Texts"), Avatar Adi Da Samraj summarizes the profound implications of His Statement that the Way of Adidam is the Way of Devotion to Him "As Self-Condition, rather than As exclusively Objective Other".

He-and-She Is Me concludes with a magnificent Epilogue, entitled "Tat Sundaram!-All of This is Sacred, All of This is Beautiful". Throughout the ten parts of this mighty Essay, Avatar Adi Da Samraj is Celebrating Consciousness Itself, the Self-Radiant Unchanging Reality, mysteriously modified as the phenomenal world. Consciousness (Itself), He Declares, "is the Divine Being, the Eternal Spirit, Forever Standing in the Midst of Life". In other words, the world of experience, even with all its mortal changes and confusion, is Radiant and Beautiful with the Shine of Divinity, when the eyes are Open to see its True Nature.

This book is a Call to the Truth that lies beyond the characteristic tension of humanity's Spiritual search-the traditional search for "He" (or Consciousness, or the "Self" beyond the world) versus the traditional search for "She" (or Energy, or the "Source" of the world). The Divine Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, is inviting you here to intuit His Non-Dual Revelation of Reality. He is giving you the opportunity, as you read, to enter ecstatically into heart-Communion with Him, and thus to feel and receive the Conscious Light of Real God, the very Essence of Existence.