An Overview of
He-and-She Is Me

(part 3 of 4)

In Part Three, Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes extraordinary esoteric secrets. He speaks of how He has Emerged in the conditional realms not only in a human body but also simultaneously in a Divine Energy-Body, which is Infinite and All-Pervading. His Divine Body can be directly, tangibly perceived in many ways by those who are Spiritually sensitive to Him. In depth states of meditation, and even, potentially, in any moment of profound Contemplation of Him, He can be perceived as a Mass of Sound and a Star of Light. The primal Sound and Light are the original manifest Forms of the Divine Person, and of all that appears. Avatar Adi Da Samraj epitomizes this Mystery via His Gift of a sublime Mantra-"Om Ma Da"-which expresses how the "Divine Self-Father" ("Om"), and the Divine "Mother-Power" ("Ma") can be said to have "Birthed" His Avataric Incarnation as "Da" in the cosmic domain.

Part Four consists of an Essay and Four Talks. In the Essay, "Consciousness Itself Is Natively Senior to the Kundalini Shakti", Avatar Adi Da speaks about the "Kundalini Shakti", which is traditionally regarded as the source of Yogic or mystical experience. In the Essay, Avatar Adi Da draws a distinction between the Kundalini Shakti that is associated with the movement of Spiritual energies in the spinal line (cultivated in many forms of Yogic practice) and the Divine Spirit-Power, or Primal Radiance, that is Realized via the Awakening to Consciousness Itself.

In the first of the four Talks, "I Am One and Whole-Not Two", Avatar Adi Da returns to the theme of "I Am The Icon Of Unity", pointing out that the Divine Goddess is not to be viewed as a Divine Personality distinct from His own Being.

In "Garbage and the Goddess", a Talk originally Given in 1974 at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in northern California during Avatar Adi Da's great Teaching-Demonstration known as "Garbage and the Goddess", Avatar Adi Da further elaborates on the nature of the Kundalini Shakti. He contrasts the Kundalini Shakti with His Hridaya-Shakti, the Heart-Radiance of His Being, which has the Power to Awaken His devotees to the seventh stage of life. His Hridaya-Shakti is the expression of His Eternal Oneness with the "She". Avatar Adi Da emphasizes that all forms of experience-even the most blissful experiences associated with the Kundalini Shakti-are only temporary, and therefore must, in effect, be "thrown away", like "garbage" (rather than being clung to, as if they were one's most treasured "possessions"). True Happiness is found not in any kind of experience, but in heart-open Love-Communion with Him-for it is only in such Communion that one enjoys the Love-Bliss of His Presence, regardless of what experiences arise or do not arise. The Kundalini Shakti, He explains, does not lead to the utter dissolution of the ego. Rather, His Heart-Transmission alone is the Attractive Power that leads beings beyond the ego.