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He-and-She Is Me:

To read this book closely is to enter into an intimate Room with Adi Da Samraj, where He whispers the secrets of your own existence, and the most prior or primal nature of the cosmos itself. There is no higher honor or pleasure than to be granted the intuition of Truth Revealed in this ecstatic Report from beyond merely mortal pain and fear. Dive into this water with Adi Da Samraj, and you will emerge cleansed and awakened in your own true heart.

Chairman and CEO, E-Learn Foundation

In this book, Adi Da Samraj speaks profoundly, poetically, comprehensively, and just plain beautifully about real spiritual life. He speaks without compromise as Consciousness Itself and thereby clarifies everything: unity, duality, Siva-Shakti, Light, Kundalini, the Great Tradition, the Goddess, Realization, true Guru-devotion, the physics of Divine Life, the Heart, the Nature of Consciousness, the Avatar, and the unitary meaning of “Da”.

If you understand even a little of this summary of His Teaching and Life, you will be changed: the “un-washed dog” of egoic life cannot survive the brilliance of this Shower of Light.

composer and musician, Deep Breakfast; The Sky of Mind;
and Ray Lynch, Best Of