Adidam has published numerous print periodical series such as “The Adidam Revelation”, “The Free Daist”, “The Laughing Man”, and “Crazy Wisdom” magazines. Presently, there are also many electronic periodicals being published in Adidam.

The Adidam Library collects and catalogs all Adidam periodical publications. The full collection of these materials will be featured here for research purposes as it is integrated into this online system. This will include full-text with search capabilities, as well as indexes.

Featured Online Periodicals:
The Laughing Man Library Newsletter
      Issue 1: July 2001 (HTML and PDF versions available)

The Adidam Advocate Newsletter
      (This newsletter is available for formal members of
      the third congregation of Adidam).

The Dawn Horse Express Update
      (This update is available for members of
      the Dawn Horse Express program).

Featured Print Periodicals:
The Adidam Revelation Magazine
      Number One
      Number Two