The Laughing Man Library Newsletter
Issue 1: July 2001
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Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Recent Work with the Great Tradition

October 2000 saw the beginning of a major event in Avatar Adi Da's Work with the Great Tradition--the creation of a new, summary study-list of Great Tradition books, entitled "The Epitome of Traditional Esotericism". This new list of approximately 250 titles is a subset of The Basket Of Tolerance. The new list features books and articles that represent the essential esotericism and the greatest realizations of the Great Tradition of humankind. It also includes a brief section of topics of preparation for practice in the spiritually-awakened stages of life.

We view the creation of these lists as extremely significant, as the results provide us with profoundly clarifying and summary means to approach and grasp what is otherwise a maze of the cultural, historical, lingual, and "point of view" differences. In this case, the opportunity to access the most essential esoteric communications of humankind should prove of great importance to:

  • those who wish to study the potentials of the human development

  • those who wish to find common, spiritual themes between the different traditions, for use in interreligious dialogue

  • those who wish to understand the less common, esoteric aspects of their own traditions

  • those who aspire to advance in their own spiritual practice

  • those considering the Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da and the practices of the Way of Adidam

The development of "The Epitome of Traditional Esotericism" began spontaneously, as Avatar Adi Da Samraj asked to see specific titles from The Basket Of Tolerance collection. An intense period followed wherein the librarians were daily and sometimes twice daily researching large categories of books from The Basket Of Tolerance and bringing the results to Avatar Adi Da, who was traveling in California during this time. The librarians coordinated bringing these books to Adi Da--often from the archival library collections at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary to locations ranging from Adidam's Tat Sundaram Hermitage Retreat on the North Coast to Yosemite Valley.

Avatar Adi Da's Work with these esoteric materials provided great training and opportunity for the library staff to observe and learn from Adi Da's work with the Great Tradition. A major theme of this work is always the protection and championing of the greatest potentials of humankind and the fundamentally rare and even traditionally secret traditions that have been devoted to serving that. We intuit there is some deep connection between how Adi Da Samraj works with these Great Tradition materials and the happenings of the world. There is a mystery to Avatar Adi Da's sudden, intense, and meticulous "Consideration" of these esoteric traditions at this time, but it is also not hard to feel how much the world needs direct access to this literature now. There is a stark contrast between the tolerant, inclusive and embracing sign Avatar Adi Da presents of the great potentials of human life (and the great intention to serve everyone's literacy in these matters), and the common world's dramatic and horrific signs of sectarian violence, negative fundamentalist antagonisms, and the ongoing "watering down" of esoteric traditions by the "do it yourself" prejudices of secular and materialistic society.

The intensive period of creation of "The Epitome of Traditional Esotericism" continued throughout Avatar Adi Da's travels in California, but has continued in a less intensive manner since Adi Da returned to the Mountain Of Attention in January this year. "The Epitome of Traditional Esotericism" is still being developed by Adi Da Samraj at this time, and, in fact, the entire collection of books are still arranged in order in Avatar Adi Da's office, not yet being transferred back to the archival library where the collection will be permanently kept and served. We will keep you updated about "The Epitome of Traditional Esotericism" in our newsletters and post all the latest information on the Adidam Library website.

Our next issue will update you further on Avatar Adi Da's recent work with the Great Tradition.

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