The Laughing Man Library Newsletter
Issue 1: July 2001
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The esotericism in the Great Tradition must be kept alive and preserved, and The Basket Of Tolerance preserves that, and you should not lose it. This Work is a most important repository, and some people should understand all of it rightly and fully. The Basket Of Tolerance is of unique importance relative to the seven stages of life, and it is important and a key to all of it. It is essential that devotees enter into intensive study of this Way of Adidam as well as intensive study of The Basket Of Tolerance.
-Avatar Adi Da Samraj, February 6, 2001

From the Librarians

Dear friends,
Thank you for your interest and support of the Laughing Man Library of Adidam. We are happy to again be updating you on our mission to develop, preserve, and make widely available the Great Tradition collections that have been developed in response to Avatar Adi Da Samraj's unique Work. We respect and honor the Gift of this Work as a unique tool that can serve the personal and collective development of true tolerance and understanding of all of the practical, cultural, religious, spiritual, esoteric, and Transcendental traditions of humankind, and the potentials of the full "esoteric anatomy" of the human being.

Our new newsletter format corresponds with the launch of the new Adidam Library and Adidam University websites. These websites replace our previous "Laughing Man" sites and at the same time represent a major step forward in linking our internal research, educational, and publishing programs to the Internet such that they may become available globally, and also interconnect our emerging branch libraries and bookstores around the world. There is more about this below, and we will also announce and preview new features of these sites in each upcoming issue of this newsletter.

About the "Laughing Man" Name

You may have noticed above that we refer to the new websites as the "Adidam Library" and "Adidam University" rather than the "Laughing Man Library" and "Laughing Man Institute". We are presently considering whether to continue using the "Laughing Man" name in such a prominent manner, and we coincidentally want to emphasize that the programs we currently associate with the "Laughing Man" continue to be very much part of "Adidam" and do represent fundamental programs of the Way of Adidam. We will keep you posted about the Library's name in upcoming issues.

In any case, we will always use the "Laughing Man" name and symbol in some context to continue to signify the great disposition of true humor in the face of the world of apparent differences--the foundation disposition of true tolerance. Whether you know our work as part of "Adidam" or of the "Laughing Man", we promote freedom to access, study, understand, and celebrate all of the great traditions of the world in all of their great potentials (and thereby, the greatest potentials of all men and women), at the same time promoting the intelligent means to constantly recognize and eschew the humorless and fearful attitudes by which we tend towards being merely "tribes" in conflict over apparent differences, and whereby we miss great wisdom and growth opportunities because they are unknown or unfamiliar.

Contacting Us

We have provided more details at the end of this newsletter, but you can always contact us by visiting the Adidam Library website at and via email at Please email us if you are not subscribed to receive this newsletter via email, but would like to be.

Chas, Jeremy, Pamela, David, Jay
the staff of the Laughing Man Library

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