An Excerpt from
The Promised God-Man Is Here

by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.

Chapter 17: Founding the Religion of Adidam

Toward the end of March 1988, Avatar Adi Da left His Hermitage again, moved to offer the worldwide culture of His devotees another opportunity to receive His Darshan and to strengthen their practice of the Yoga of devotion that He had clarified and Empowered through His Divine Self-“Emergence”. He traveled first to New Zealand for ten days, where He Graciously offered to address a gathering of people who were “considering” taking up the practice of Adidam. And He Gave His Regard to the native Maori people, visiting a traditional “marae”, or Maori meeting house, in Auckland, and speaking at length with a Maori leader about Maori culture, traditions, and Spirituality. Avatar Adi Da’s Compassionate Blessing of everyone was heart-breaking to His New Zealand devotees, who had never expected to have the opportunity of serving Him so intimately.

Avatar Adi Da then moved on to the United States, and stayed in northern California, at the Mountain Of Attention and in Marin County, until August, when He left for Da Love-Ananda Mahal and then Fiji, arriving back in His Hermitage in the middle of October.

During His Yajna of 1988, Avatar Adi Da Granted numerous occasions of Darshan (some involving Discourses, some silent), sometimes to hundreds of devotees at a time. Whatever the outward form of these occasions, Avatar Adi Da was directly Initiating His devotees into the practice of feeling-Contemplation of Him, which is the foundation of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga.