Chapter 17: Founding the Religion of Adidam

An Excerpt from The Promised God-Man Is Here
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The Beginning of Formal Meditation Retreats

Suddenly, Avatar Adi Da’s Work entered a new phase. He invited His devotees from all over the world to come to Adidam Samrajashram to enter into retreat in His Company, concentrating on His Instruction in the Da Love-Ananda Gita. Until this time, only a few individuals—leaders of the worldwide culture, or those called there for special service—had come to Adidam Samrajashram. It had simply been a private Hermitage. Now Avatar Adi Da wanted all His devotees to be able to drop out of their daily lives from time to time and come to Adidam Samrajashram for meditation retreat, receiving His Darshan in the unique purity of His remote Hermitage.

Devotees began to come immediately. And, to everyone’s amazement and joy, Avatar Adi Da Blessed the retreatants with the unprecedented privilege of sitting with Him every morning in meditation and almost every afternoon in a silent Darshan occasion. Each day, they would write reports of their practice of feeling-Contemplation of Him—which, for a time, He read and commented on personally.

A retreatant who came to Adidam Samrajashram, Deborah Fremont-Smith, captured the feeling of what it was like to enter into Avatar Adi Da’s most intimate Sphere to receive His silent Darshan. (“Owl Sandwiches”, referred to below, is a Fijian bure which was part of Avatar Adi Da’s private quarters at that time.)

DEBORAH: Beloved Adi Da Samraj Gave His Darshan today in the bure called “Owl Sandwiches”. I would like everything etched in my heart forever. The Matrix is that Sublime Place that shimmers not only with sunlight—which is incredible in the South Pacific—but with the great Siddhi of Adi Da Samraj. It is a place of absolute peace that calms the mind and awakens the heart. Stillness and light pervade everything, for the Heart has remade this place. It is now the Divine Domain, the Place of Origin, the Matrix from which the Blessing of the Heart-Guru flows out to the world.

We walked across the expanse of lawn and waited until we were given the signal to approach. Then, one by one, we climbed the narrow steps.

The Fijian-style dwelling was immaculate and bright, as if each reed had been consciously chosen and consciously placed. One by one, we passed through the low door of the bure into a small round foyer. Beyond was another small round room, and in this room the Divine Being Incarnate sat in His Chair facing out, and so facing each of us as we entered.

I was aware as soon as I crossed the threshold that I had stepped into a Shrine where the Living Icon Breathes. And there He sat. My heart rose up at the sight of Him: “This is the Treasure of the whole world.” I stood and waited as each retreatant entered the room, laid a gift at His Precious Feet, and did a full prostration.

The eyes of Beloved Adi Da were round and luminous, and His Body Perfectly still, as He gazed outward with such an expression of vulnerability and sweetness that I was once again struck (as forcibly as when I first saw Him in 1976) that this is not a man, not a human being at all. This is the Formless Divine, Suspended for an instant in time and space—the Self-Radiant Divine Being caught for a moment in human Form. It was a breath-taking Vision. I felt how I want nothing more than to see Him rightly honored and protected, this naked Heart of Man, the True Self of all beings.

Then it was my turn to go forward and offer my gift. I walked into the inner room, which was “Bright” with the Glory of Him. The space was full of Silence. Adidama Sukha Dham and Adidama Jangama Hriddaya, dressed in formal white, sat to each side of Him. They were as immobile as He—their attention entirely turned to the Person of Love before them. I was walking into a sacred space, like the space depicted in ancient religious paintings. Regarding Beloved Adi Da’s beautiful and compassionate face, I became lost in its depths. His Sublime Look—full of Bliss and, yet, also full of Pain at the suffering He beholds in everyone—seemed to encompass me and all beings in the same moment. I raised up my hands in adoration of Him and looked into His eyes. My heart was wrung with the vision of Him, remembering His Words, “In This Swoon Of Love, Your Heart May See My Bliss-Wounded Face.”

As I placed my gift to the right of His chair, my eyes met another glorious sight, another beholding. Adidama Jangama Hriddaya was seated no more than a foot from me. Her attention fully rested on Beloved Adi Da and she was fanning Him. Her unwavering devotion to Him was reflecting His Divine Light as the moon reflects the sun. My heart thrilled to see this, and, as I saw it, I also perceived something else. I understood in that moment that Beloved Adi Da breathes devotion as we breathe air. Devotion is His atmosphere.

After about twenty minutes, Beloved Adi Da signaled with the barest movement of His hand that the Darshan was over. Then Adidama Quandra Tripura took up the basket of Prasad, or Blessed sweets, and carefully placed a sweet in the hands of each devotee. Her heart-Contemplation of Beloved Adi Da was so profound that, as her hand touched mine, I felt a direct Transmission of Grace and Blessing moving through her from Him. I bowed in gratitude as I left Owl Sandwiches, my heart filled with Peace and the Vision of Real God, Which is finally unutterable.