Chapter 17: Founding the Religion of Adidam

An Excerpt from The Promised God-Man Is Here
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The Practice of Feeling-Contemplation

At times in the past, Avatar Adi Da Samraj had referred to His own Body as Prasad, or a Divine Gift given in response to the surrender of His devotees. Now, as never before, He was bodily Present as the Divine. He had Descended so fully into the body that there was, in truth, no need for Him to say another word. His purpose in the world was simply to let His Body “Speak” the Divine in silence. And His Message was that all anyone needed to do to in order to find and Commune with Real God, and, ultimately, to Realize the Divine most perfectly, was to behold Him and feel Him with profound feeling-attention, and take up the supportive disciplines of the Way of Adidam that aided this feeling-Contemplation. The Power of His bodily (human) Form to Illumine and Awaken others was the real Secret of His Divine “Emergence”. Through the process of ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, and ego-transcending feeling-Contemplation of Him, He was Offering His devotees the means of transcending all forms of bondage.

Even all the brilliant Demonstrations and Struggles of His Teaching Years could not accomplish this heart-conversion. But now, through the virtue of His Divine “Emergence”, Avatar Adi Da knew that conversion was already accomplished in seed-form.

“There is a great Law,” He said. “You become what you meditate on.” And so, by meditating on Him, His devotees could participate in, and would ultimately Realize, His Divine Condition.

Feeling-Contemplation was now to be His devotees’ essential form of meditation, practiced through the regard of His Murti in the Communion Hall and through recollection of Him during the ordinary moments of every day. This feeling-Contemplation is based on the heart-felt beholding of His bodily (human) Form, which leads, in due course, to Communion with Him as Divine Spirit-Presence and, ultimately, to Identification with Him as Consciousness Itself.

Avatar Adi Da returned to Adidam Samrajashram in the middle of October 1988. The morning after His arrival, as soon as He woke from sleep, He wrote down the initial verses of a new sacred Text, the Da Love-Ananda Gita. This Text is His precise and detailed Instruction on feeling-Contemplation of Him and the practice of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga.