What Others Have Said About the
Da Love-Ananda Gita

With great force and loving abandon, Avatar Adi Da dances words into print. He openly confesses His compassion for all beings and calls everyone to release the painful habit and dreadful destiny of the separate self. Receive this feast of blessings. It is a love song from the very Heart of God.

Professor of Architecture, Kansas State University
editor, Resettling America: Energy, Ecology and Community
author, Erik Asmussen, architect

What happens when the Living Master stops teaching, when he ends his brilliant and shocking discourse, yet remains among his disciples? When all that can be said, has been said, on this dense, implacable plane, the Master remains, calling his disciples to Pure Contemplation of his bodily human Form.

This is the birth of fundamental and radical Scripture. When Avatar Adi Da Samraj says His bodily (human) Form “Is (Itself) the Teaching”, this is an absolute Phenomenon to which all other truths must bear witness.

author, Planet Medicine; The Night Sky