An Overview of Eleutherios

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There is a specific urgency behind Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Call for new and authentic "social wisdom" to enter the world, even beyond its necessity as a support to the process of true religious and Spiritual growth. That urgency is prompted by the present and ongoing global crisis. Either humanity changes its act now, or the world will be rendered uninhabitable through nuclear holocaust or global environmental destruction or some other form of human-caused cataclysm. Humanity as a whole can no longer afford its childish and adolescent strategies, but must collectively realize a truly adult responsibility relative to this planet and all beings living on it.

In light of this urgency, Avatar Adi Da Samraj presents here, in Parts Eleven through Twenty-Two, His unparalleled Instruction relative to authentic "social wisdom", the politics of unity, sacred community, and cooperative democracy—and He makes His Call to all to abide by His simplest Law and Measure of humankind: "Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace".

Part Twenty-Three is the extraordinary Essay "I Have Come To Found A 'Bright' New Age Of Real-God-Man", wherein Avatar Adi Da Samraj Reveals the Purpose of His Divine Descent in the world at this moment in history and wherein He also Describes His Vision of a most positive and benign future for humanity. This is followed by Part Twenty-Four, "The Universal World-Prayer", a non-sectarian prayer proposed by Avatar Adi Da Samraj for sake of all beings.

Part Twenty-Five, "I Am The Avataric Divine Self-Revelation Of The Fundamental Reality (or The 'Radically' Non-Dual Conscious Light Of Self-Evidently Divine Love-Bliss)", is Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Confession of Perfect Identity As Consciousness Itself, and it contains His fundamental Instruction that feeling-Contemplation of Him is the Great Secret of Divine Self-Realization for all.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj then Reveals the most Pristine Teachings of Truth and Freedom that have ever been Granted to human beings, in His extraordinary Epilogue, "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam". This unique gathering of Wisdom-Teachings is Spoken entirely from the "Point Of View" of Freedom Itself, without any concession to the point of view of egoity itself. The inherent Paradox of "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam" is that there is nothing the apparently separate body-mind can do to grow in or to acquire or hold on to the Free Condition Spoken of by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in these pages, and, yet, that Free Condition is the inherent Identity and Nature of all and All.

In "Truth and Religion", the first Essay of "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam", Avatar Adi Da Samraj Addresses the inherently "cultic" nature of any particular religion, contrasting it with the process of Truth-Realization Itself. In the following Essay, "The Self-Evident Falsity of the Search for Changelessness", Avatar Adi Da Samraj Addresses the error of seeking for the Free Condition of Reality Itself as if It were a static condition that could be sought and acquired. The third section of "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam", "There Is Only One Self-Evident Reality and Event", comprises a rare Conversation between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His devotees, during which He elucidates the essential Import of His Ruchiradam Revelation. The fourth and final section, "The Revelation Of Ruchiradam", is the primary section of the Epilogue. It is introduced by one of Avatar Adi Da's most senior devotees, Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani, who contextualizes this Unique Revelation in terms of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Life and in terms of the Divine Way of Adidam as a whole.

Altogether, this magnificent "Source-Text" of Adidam is Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Personal Invitation to you (and to all) to Realize Perfect Freedom by resort to His Divinely Liberating Grace.