An Overview of Eleutherios

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The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, has brought a unique and uniquely clarifying Voice into the world. He not only Addresses all the usual secular personal and political searches for Freedom as engaged by ordinary men and women, but He also Addresses all religious and Spiritual searches—even as engaged by accomplished Yogis, Saints, and Sages. He Reveals that even Transcendental Self-Realization is still a conditional and inherently limited effort—in this case, of attention, rather than of the body-mind. In that transcendental effort, seeking itself remains in place, in the form of an implicit (if not explicit) tendency to exclusively Abide as Consciousness Itself, cut off from conditional existence.

How, then, is True Freedom to be Unconditionally Realized?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, by Means of His own Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, Reveals, paradoxically, that we are, one and all, always already Free—and He Reveals that this understanding is what allows the real process of religious and Spiritual growth to unfold, stage by stage, until all limits are exceeded at last, even those of Yogic and Transcendental Self-Realization. Avatar Adi Da Samraj Teaches that all seeking for Freedom—whether secular or religious or Spiritual, whether relating to the gross or the subtle or the causal dimension of existence—is an always-present act of self-bondage, a refusal of present Freedom Itself. Such Grace-Given understanding not only addresses the usual searches of ordinary men and women, but it also directly encounters and transcends the limiting tendencies of all religious and Spiritual seeking.

In this final Book of The Five Books Of The Heart Of The Adidam Revelation, Eleutherios (The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free), you will find Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Supreme Revelation of the Reality and Nature of True Freedom. "Eleutherios" is an ancient Greek epithet for the Supreme Being meaning the "Liberator" and it is one of the many Divine Names by which Avatar Adi Da Samraj is Himself known. As Eleutherios, the Perfect Liberator, Avatar Adi Da Samraj not only Reveals the Way of Divine Liberation, He also continuously Transmits His Very Self-Condition of Freedom Itself. Indeed, this is the Great Secret at the heart of the Way of Adidam.

As with each of twenty-three "Source-Texts" of Adidam, Eleutherios begins with Avatar Adi Da Samraj's First Word, "Do Not Misunderstand Me—I Am Not 'Within' you, but you Are In Me, and I Am Not a Mere 'Man' in the 'Middle' of Mankind, but All of Mankind Is Surrounded, and Pervaded, and Blessed By Me". In this remarkable Essay, Avatar Adi Da Samraj explains that His open Confession of Most Perfect Real-God-Realization is not to be misapprehended as a claim of the "Status" of the "Creator"-God of conventional religious belief, but, rather, His Divine Self-Confession is to be understood and appreciated as a Free Demonstration of the Fulfillment of esoteric Spiritual practice—a Demonstration of the Most Perfectly Non-Dual Realization of Reality Itself. By virtue of this Free Demonstration, Avatar Adi Da Samraj makes clear that Most Perfect Real-God-Realization (or Divine Self-Realization) is the ultimate Potential and Destiny of all beings.