An Overview of Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da)

(Page 4)

In Part Eight of Aham Da Asmi, “I Am The Divine Self-‘Emergence’”, Avatar Adi Da Explains that the Real-God-Realizing Way of Adidam is a unique and entirely new Revelation. He Describes how His Divine Wisdom-Teaching has not been derived from any historical tradition (or traditions), but has been Brought out of Himself through His own Divinely “Crazy” (or Divinely “Heroic”) Avataric Self-Submission to conditional reality in all of its aspects. And He Reveals that—now that His Work of Teaching and Revelation is Full and Complete—He will only do His Avataric Work of Freely Blessing one and all, both during and after His physical human Lifetime.

Avatar Adi Da closes Aham Da Asmi with His Last Word, “I Am The Horse In The Wild (Forty-Three Verses Of Indivisibility)”. This Divinely “Crazy” Poem is a sublime example of Avatar Adi Da’s Ecstatic Speech. He Reveals powerful esoteric Secrets via these mind-dissolving verses—Secrets which cannot be contained by the discursive thinker. Nonetheless, these Secrets are intuitively felt (and understood in feeling) when Avatar Adi Da’s Dance of meanings is allowed to unlock thoughts and Free the heart in devotional Contemplation of Him.

Aham Da Asmi is, ultimately, a Call to an eternal relationship, a relationship whose destiny is Divine Enlightenment, or Most Perfect Liberation in Real God. To truly receive Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Confession of Love is to be moved to take up the Way of Adidam, the Grace-Given Way of the devotional relationship to Him, which He Freely Offers to you and to all.