The Characteristic Errors
of the First Six Stages of Life

First   feeling of separation (or of separating, and of separteness, and of separativeness)

Second   the feeling of being rejected (and the felt need to reject or punish others for un-love)

Third   conflict between impulses toward passive dependence and rebellious independence

Fourth   prolonging the first three stages of life (and the patterns of un-Happiness associated with them) and making the fourth stage of life and end in itself—which tendency takes the form of a fixed idea that the Divine and the personal self are eternally separate from one another

Fifth   clinging to the subtle phenomenal objects and states as if they were the Perfect Realization of the Divine

Sixth   holding on to the Subjective Position of Consciousness Itself while strategically excluding objective (or conditional) states

Based on “The Seven Stages Of Life” (pp. 107-10) and “On Transcending the First Six Stages of Life” (pp. 233-35)