Free CD of Avatar Adi Da

The Liberating Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Volume 1

A Selection of Talks Celebrating 30 Years of His Divine Teaching-Revelation

  1. Garbage and the Goddess (3:23) - April 15, 1974
    Listen to 'Garbage and the Goddess' download MP3 of 'Garbage and the Goddess'
  2. Divine Distraction (8:52) - December 16, 1975
    Listen to 'Divine Distraction' download MP3 of 'Divine Distraction'
  3. The Asana of Science (8:56) - October 25, 1978
    Listen to 'The Asana of Science' download MP3 of 'The Asana of Science'
  4. The Bodily Location of Happiness (6:41) - November 28, 1981
    Listen to 'The Bodily Location of Happiness' download MP3 of 'The Bodily Location of Happiness'
  5. God Is Not in Charge (9:19) - September 23, 1982
    Listen to 'God Is Not in Charge' download MP3 of 'God Is Not in Charge'
  6. Reality Is Not What You Think (9:11) - April 22, 1995
    Listen to 'Reality Is Not What You Think' download MP3 of 'Reality Is Not What You Think'
  7. Be Moved By Me To Infinity (7:31) - Januray 5, 1996
    Listen to 'Be Moved By Me To Infinity' download MP3 of 'Be Moved By Me To Infinity'
  8. You Are Only Consciousness Itself (8:41) - November 30, 1998
    Listen to 'You Are Only Consciousness Itself' download MP3 of 'You Are Only Consciousness Itself'

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'Understanding CD cover photo'On the first night of His Teaching- Work in 1972, Avatar Adi Da Gave this Talk — His "radical" argument about the root of all suffering.
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