Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

about Avatar Adi Da Samraj and Adidam

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Q: How can I learn how to meditate?

A: In the earliest days of His Teaching-Work, Avatar Adi Da said, "I Offer you a relationship, not a technique." Thus, the form of meditation that Avatar Adi Da Offers is not any kind of mental or physical or breathing technique.

Meditation in Adidam is the deepening of the devotional response to Avatar Adi Da. That devotional response manifests as the spontaneous turning of the "four faculties" (of mind, emotion, body, and breath) to Him – no matter what thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations may be arising in the moment.

Q: I have visions and dreams of Avatar Adi Da, and He speaks to me in them. What does this mean?

A: Many people have reported profound encounters with Avatar Adi Da in dreams, visions, and so forth.

Such occurrences are a sign of Who He Is — they are some of the many possible ways that people can become aware of His Universal Divine Presence. The most appropriate response to any such vision or dream is to find out more about Avatar Adi Da, study His Teaching-Word, and make contact with the gathering of His devotees.

Q: What does it mean that there is no living Guru in the Way of Adidam anymore? Does the practice still work?

A: Definitely! Avatar Adi Da could only appear in living form for the span of a human lifetime. But He is now, after His Lifetime, the same One He has always been, even before His Birth. As He once said, He Incarnated in human form to teach us how to notice Him — the Eternal Person and State of Reality Itself — because no one had done so in the fullest manner before.

Avatar Adi Da's Transcendental Spiritual Grace is ever available and effective — and can, in those who seriously commit themselves to practice the Reality-Way He has Given, demonstrate the entire process of seventh stage Divine Enlightenment in His devotees.

He does not need to leave a human "successor", because He is Ever-Present to accomplish that Awakening-Work, and He has left extensive and detailed Instruction on how to recognize the signs of the unique process He Established by means of His human Lifetime.

We suggest you read some of these wonderful excerpts from Avatar Adi Da about the mysterious gift of His Eternal Presence and service to beings, and the ongoing offering of direct relationship to Him.

Q: How does leadership of the Adidam community work now that Adi Da has passed?

A: Avatar Adi Da gave explicit instructions about the structures of guidance and leadership in Adidam, both during and after His Lifetime. There are systems of accountability and inspiration at every level of life, and within all of the formal organizations associated with Avatar Adi Da's Work in the world.

The senior cultural authority relative to all aspects of Adidam in perpetuity is the Ruchira Sannyasin Order — devotees who have consecrated their lives utterly to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Person and Revelation.

The Ruchira Sannyasin Order page on this website describes more about this renunciate order and its unique role in Adidam.

Q: Will Avatar Adi Da Samraj reincarnate?

A: Avatar Adi Da wrote in The Knee of Listening that He will not have another human lifetime: "I only Do This Incarnation. When This Incarnation ends, there is no 'seed' in Me for re-Appearance. I am not a karmic entity. I have Conformed these Vehicles to Myself for the Purpose of My (Avataric Divine) Incarnation."

Q: What does Avatar Adi Da say happens after death?

A: This is a vast and important subject. We suggest that you read Avatar Adi Da's book Easy Death and visit Adidam's Death and Dying website (www.easydeathbook.com) to learn about His uniquely full and detailed Teaching in this essential area of existence.

Avatar Adi Da's Teaching about death is positive and helpful in very practical ways — and, at its core, is radically distinct from the cultural points of view most people are accustomed to, whether Western or Eastern. He fully explains exactly what happens during and after the death process.

Q: Can I apply some of Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom to my life without having to become a devotee?

A: There is a wealth of advice for human living in Avatar Adi Da's Teaching. Fullest use of His Gift involves a devotional response to Him and the choice to become a formally practicing devotee.

At the same time, His Guidance relative to many matters of practical life can be of great value for anyone. One essay that many people find quite useful at every phase of life is "Right Principle and Right Self-Management: The Secrets of How to Change".

Q: Where can I find Adi Da's Final Teachings?

A: There is a general overview of Avatar Adi Da's Teaching-Literature in the Teaching section of this website, with an indication of:

  1. the five books that were His Final Revelations
  2. the groupings of books that comprise the extended body of His Source-Texts, and
  3. His practical life-instruction and teachings about other traditions

Our site also features Adi Da's "First and Foremost" Revelation book, The Aletheon. The Dawn Horse Press is constantly working to publish ever more of Avatar Adi Da's vast Teaching-Literature in final form. Click on this link to Visit The Dawn Horse Press website.