Writing The Mummery Book

For more than 40 years, Adi Da Samraj devoted immense energy to writing, as part of His Life's Work to Reveal the Truth. As a philosophy major at Columbia College and a graduate student in English at Stanford, Adi Da Samraj Wrote prodigiously. Eventually, He began to write in a unique and uniquely concentrated manner, spontaneously creating a form of Spiritual practice (or Yoga) in which He recorded everything that arose in His awareness-physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, dreams, and so on. He said, “The act of writing seemed necessary to the act of becoming conscious itself. ” And He regarded His journals as a kind of “rough draft” for a literary work that would convey His Revelation of Truth.

After some years of this unique Yoga of writing, Avatar Adi Da burned His entire accumulated manuscript-which by then amounted to tens of thousands of pages-feeling that the manuscript had grown to such proportions that it was not usable as a rough draft, and realizing that whatever He needed to “retain” from that manuscript was now a part of Him. He then ceased to write for some years-then, suddenly, in late 1969, he took up a pen and wrote the entire first version of The Mummery Book in a few weeks.

For the next 30 years, while over 60 of Avatar Adi Da's books were written and published, The Mummery Book remained unpublished. Then, in 1998, as part of His Work to finalize His twenty-three “Source-Texts”, Avatar Adi Da Samraj expanded and finalized the text of The Mummery Book. Since then, this full version of The Mummery Book has been mounted as a multi-media theatrical production in California and has been the subject of a film documentary-and it will be produced repeatedly in years to come.

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