A Parable is to Purify and Illuminate

Sacred Parable

As a parable, The Mummery Book is a story rich with archetypal characters and extraordinary events, intended to convey spiritual lessons. But Avatar Adi Da's Parable is unique.

Based on His own extraordinary life-experience and His unflinching view of the realities of human existence, The Mummery Book conveys the full Power of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Realization.

In The Mummery Book, the Narrator tells the story of Raymond Darling as he experiences his early life in the company of Mom and Dad, as he becomes a young man and falls in love with his beloved Quandra, as he encounters “big religion”, and as he endures the heart-breaking trials necessary to Exist in and as the Divine Reality.

The constant surprise and mind-blowing intensity of Raymond's experience teach him—and us—to go beyond what is merely mortal and separate to That Which Is Indivisible, Eternal, and Divine. Throughout, the Narrator is more than a mere story-teller: the Narrator is present as the Spiritual Source of all the characters and events, Adi Da Samraj Himself.


Read and listen to chapters of The Mummery Book:
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About the Recitation

Mummery CDThe chapters of The Mummery Book included above are recited by actor Kenneth Welsh, who assumes the roles of all the characters in the story. The complete recitation of The Mummery Book is available on compact disc from the Adidam Emporium.
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