Ritual and Theatre

The Mummery Book is enacted each year as part of the annual celebration commemorating the Initiation of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Self-“Emergence” on January 11, 1986. In this pivotal Event, His Incarnation of and as the Divine Person was perfectly completed. Paradoxically, Avatar Adi Da's Divine Self-“Emergence” was marked by a Yogic Swoon appearing very much like death.

The Mummery Book is staged within a “camera obscura”—literally, a “dark room”, with an aperture through which light and light-images are projected onto the floor or one of the walls. The camera obscura stage setting is a visual metaphor for the human body-mind—which Avatar Adi Da likens to an “empty room” that must be filled with Divine Life and Light. When that Divine In-Filling occurs, as it does for Raymond Darling at the end of The Mummery Book, the dark room becomes utterly “Brightened”—“camera obscura” becoming “Camera Illuminata”. The Camera IIluminata of The Mummery Book’s ending reveals that all the players on life’s stage are arising in the “Bright”, the One Indivisible and Eternal Divine Heart-Light that Adi Da Samraj has Revealed through the great Sacrifice of His Avataric Incarnation here.

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