The Mummery Book

My Mummery-Book
is a Gift.
It is a Granting to everyone of a profound understanding of existence.
Participating in
“The Mummery Book”
is about regaining the capacity for ecstasy.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Mummery Book

The Mummery Book is Avatar Adi Da's literary masterpiece, a work of unsurpassed Spiritual and poetic Genius. Breaking the bounds of what we ordinarily conceive to be literature, The Mummery Book is so rich in meaning and metaphor that Avatar Adi Da Samraj has described it as an “experimental novel”, a “liturgical drama”, and a “prose opera”.

Sacred Parable discusses the unique structure of the Text, explains the transformative purpose of The Mummery Book, and its main characters, archetypes, and events.

Sacred Theatre describes the enactment of The Mummery Book, and the multi-faceted manner in which it is staged as sacred theatre.

Sacred Theatre Guild introduces the cultural import of The Mummery Book, and the creative and Spiritual mandate of the artisans who participate in the enactments.