About The Mummery Book

A Groundbreaking Work of Literature and Theatre

The Mummery Book

The Mummery Book

A Parable Of The Divine True Love,
Told By Means Of
A Self-Illuminated Illustration
Of The Totality Of Mind

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Mummery Book
is an extraordinarily beautiful and potent "prose opera", a multi-dimensional exploration of the process of Divine Enlightenment based on Adi Da Samraj's own Life-history.

The Mummery Book is both a highly experimental novel and an immense theatrical piece. Thus, it can either be read as a book or performed as a theatrical (or cinematic) event.

A "mummery" is "a ridiculous, hypocritical, or pretentious ceremony or performance". This, Adi Da Samraj is telling us, is what human life amounts to—if we merely live as the separate ego-self. And the only way "out" of this mummery is to relinquish ego—by finding, receiving, and conforming ourselves to the Divine True Love.

In The Mummery Book, Adi Da Samraj confronts head-on the central agony of born existence: that everything and everyone—ourselves, and everyone we love—dies. The hero of The Mummery Book, Raymond Darling, goes through an extraordinary series of adventures and ordeals in the course of his ultimate overcoming of the inescapable fact of mortality.

The Mummery Book is a work of many "flavors". By turns, it is exquisitely poetic, outrageously humorous, intensely erotic, sharply satirical, devastatingly tragic, and (ultimately) radiant with the promise of redemption from the mummery-world of the ego. To imbue His Communication with the greatest possible force, Adi Da Samraj makes boldly innovative use of the English language, stretching the language to its limits—even creating a unique form of "musical notation" in his text, by making abundant non-standard use of capitals, commas, dashes, underlines, and exclamation points.

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