Sacred art is not realized through imitation of images but through allowing the Divine Spirit to Manifest. Sacred art comes from the inside to the outsideónot from the outside to the inside.

All sacred arts are founded on Divine “Possession”, or surrender to the Divine in the Form of the Divine Realizer, to the point that the Divine enters you, literally.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Sacred Arts

From the time when Avatar Adi Da first began to Teach, He has used art forms to draw people beyond the egoic point of view into Contemplation of the Divine.

Over time, He began to Call on all His devotees to develop a sacred art of their own as part of a life of Divine Contemplation.

In this way, all the art forms have been, and remain, an integral part of the evolving culture of Adidam. Writers, musicians, artisans, and performers practice their chosen art as Divine Contemplation-developing and deepening in this as they go along. Artists join “guilds” with others in their field to support and facilitate this ongoing process.

As part of this, members of Adidam are involved in an ongoing personal and collective consideration of the nature of the truly sacred in art and life, intimately guided by Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching and the example of His own Art. Most also find it necessary and inspiring to study examples of sacred expression in the cultural traditions relevant to them.


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