The best music draws attention directly to the Spiritual Reality.

That is what makes it enjoyable.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Listen to recordings of devotees' sacred art of music:

Ruchira Avatara Gita (The Way Of The Divine Heart-Master): Naamleela Free Jones chanting the text of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da's "Source-Text" [excerpt, RealAudio]

Ruchira Avatara Arati Puja: Chanted by Tamarind Free Jones [excerpt, RealAudio]

The Universal World-Prayer: Sung by Jacqueline Clemons. This rendition of The Universal World-Prayer was sung many times at the Parliament of World's Religions in Cape Town, South Africa, December 1999. [RealAudio]

Read stories from Avatar Adi Da's devotees:

Nostalgia and Grace: Carolyn Lee on her lifelong search for the truly sacred in music

More Adidam Music and other Adidam Sites:

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Visit the Ruchira Avatara Gita in the Adidam Library for more about Avatar Adi Da’s “Source-Text”.

Visit Peace in Adidam in Society for more about Avatar Adi Da’s “Universal World-Prayer”.

Related Sites:

The following links are to personal sites of members of the Adidam Music Guild who are devotees of Adi Da Samraj. (Links open new window to sites outside the Adidam Sacred City.) Naamleela Free Jones