Art Is Love

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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An artist must learn his or her craft and then must be able to do that mysterious something that connects the viewer with the Divine Reality, or the Numinous Reality, the spiritual feeling associated with loving, and with experiencing feelings that go beyond the contracted state of life—as you do when you’re in love with someone.

Someone you love is beautiful, whatever his or her physical attributes. It’s the love that makes the person beautiful. It’s only because you love that you can truly feel this.

Someone is beautiful whom you love, but there is also an extraordinary beauty potential in the love-relationship. It’s about human beings transformed by loving and being loved, not only in terms of their human relatedness, but in terms of their spiritual participation.

So beings who love one another, and who are in love, and who love, whose life practice is that of love, live in Divine Communion.

There’s no great art without the sacred. There’s no true art without the beautiful. For there to be the sacred, there must be the ability to participate spiritually in Reality, beyond self. Great art must be associated with the Divine. And for something to be beautiful, there must be love. And for this, there must be a culture of love, because all art objects are somehow generalized for everyone to observe. The subject must be, somehow or other, something that anyone, in general, could love.

Without the ability of an art form to evoke the feeling of love in you, you cannot find it to be beautiful.

Participation in true art should be self-transcending, should permit that, should invite it. It also serves the observer, permits the observer to transcend himself or herself. It’s not merely the product of some hero who was able to transcend self and make this art product and then you go and admire it. Participation in some art forms should be a great exercise also. And an exercise that enables you to transcend your self.

Participation in an art form should be at least as great an occupation as the creation of an art form.

You must be able to participate in Reality, participate in the Divine, participate in the Sacred.

You should dance. You should sing. You should become ecstatic. You should go beyond your self. Participate in art. Don’t just look at it. Don’t just see that it’s there. Don’t just know that it’s there.

Art should change you.

That’s the whole purpose of it.