Art Is Love

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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We exist in a time when thereís no cultural necessity to the arts. Theyíre secondary to daily life. The arts donít have any necessity in the social order.

Art was originally a sacred activity, generated within a sacred culture.

But even apart from those aspects of a culture that one might specifically call sacred, thereís another fundamental subject of art, which is beauty—to portray it, to represent it, to present something that is in fact beautiful or found to be beautiful by people.

But the sense of what is actually beautiful has also been lost.

The idea of what is beautiful has been reduced to something about the appearance of some one or some thing. Much of contemporary art is basically an effort to construct something based on some system. If the purpose is to make something beautiful, itís a matter of creating some object or performance thatís consistent and consistently applies some principles, perhaps even achieves some sort of balance between various forms or elements. In other words, the notion of what is beautiful has been reduced to the structure of something, or its appearance.

Itís commonly said that architecture is the mother of the arts. This suggests that structure is the basis of anything that can be called art. But the beautiful is certainly a fundamental subject of the arts.