Participation in True Art
Adi Da Samraj

There is the sacred domain of life, and there is the secular (or public, or outer) domain of life. Human beings need to be centered in the sacred domain—the place of human intimacy, of true culture, of intimate cooperative community, the sphere of the primary culture of the arts and the intimate exercise of life.

Human beings should be anchored in that sphere, and truly live in that sphere—instead of in the public, common, and, altogether, secular social domain.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da has always spoken about the necessity for human life and culture to be based in the sacred, and the arts play an important part in this.

The Adidam Gallery offers online exhibits on the developing culture of Adidam and the role art plays within it. Art by members of Adidam and discussions on the nature of sacred art will be presented.

Sacred Art introduces Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching on the subject, and follows the developing aesthetics of the sacred in Adidam. Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Music, and Writing exhibit and discuss works by members of Adidam by category. The artisan guilds of Adidam also have exhibits here.