from “I Am The Icon Of Unity”

True religion must retire to Light!

The heart must be permitted to achieve a universal feeling-ecstasy!

And Beauty is not in the matter-world of thing and death—but only in the singled universe of the True Loved-One!

Where everything that lives will be dog-withered by the pack of time, fear arises—at the crown and bowel, where time's orderly extinctions twist the heart between the North-and-South!

And sorrow fills the mind, between the eyes—and feels the belly suck the danger of all the unwanted changes made by time!

And anger burns a laser-breath of all-destroying speeches—helpless in the klik-klak dark's resistance to all wanted change of time's unwanted changes!

Therefore, the Cosmic universe of temporal and all-destroying Nature must be Transfigured by undying Love!

Undying Love Is the universal Principle of re-“Connect”, in the rush-to-dying world of Natural heaps of yes-and-no!

The world of Man is an eternal shift of necks—a shuttle of Love's own faces, floating in a drown of moments—until the “He” and “She” of Me, like the fingertips of lovers, Touch, through the infinite transparency of a single tear's True Water—and Touch away, Together, at the Single of Infinity, Where “We” were so deeply Torn!

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
He-and-She Is Me