Avatar Adi Da Samraj has established an entirely new "language" through which He can convey, as He has said, "a life-transforming experience of the Divine Spiritual Reality" to human beings. It is a language of light—His Experience of the "Bright" Divine Reality made visible through works of art, art that He describes as "multi-dimensional Light-Imagery".

Through these works of art (which make boldly innovative use of the media of photography and video), He has Revealed His artistic genius. Adi Da Samraj has made His Art into a means by which He could Offer His Communication about Reality to everyone, beyond the limits of the verbal mind.

I paint with light. I use the camera, but I use it as medium like people use paintbrushes. What I'm fundamentally using is light, and I use it like paint. But I am not merely luxuriating in the art I create. I have a message to bring to the world.     —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da's concentrated Work with His Art began in 1998, and the fundamental elements of His unique artistic language became clearly established by March 2001. Then, in an extraordinary (and ongoing) flood of creativity, the full range of His technique and power of expression began to be revealed. Adi Da Samraj has since produced thousands of astonishing photographic images and hundreds of hours of video footage, as the basic material of His artworks.


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