When I Paint, My eye is on the subject, not on the surface being painted. But the body is somehow informed by My visual Regard of the subject, and conducts the effect on the surface, without consulting the eye. The eye informs the body, and the body does the painting. The eye doesn't go back and “do” the painting-it lets the body do the painting.

It is that visual Regard of the subject, in detail—not trying to replicate it, but freely associating with it—that is somehow recorded by the body, and it is the Recognition of what is the subject of the Gaze.

I like the subjects to be as free as the process itself—or at least to participate in that. So I don't study them, such that they have to be in a fixed position all the while. No-they move in every kind of way. My regard is just at that moment, and now in this moment. It accounts for this entire free display in a summary moment of Recognizing it in its totality.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj