The Korean Monk Artist Jung-kwang's Appreciation of Avatar Adi Da's Ink Paintings

“Beautiful Writing”: Avatar Adi Da Samraj and the Mad Monk

Avatar Adi Da: body Portrait 2Throughout East Asia there has existed a tradition which understands calligraphy—and brush painting altogether—as an expression of the Spiritual Realization of the painter. Avatar Adi Da's brushwork is, in some respects, akin to the qualities valued in the Zen tradition—the qualities of asymmetry, naturalness, tranquility, freedom of attachment, subtle profundity, and simplicity. Avatar Adi Da has said about His brushwork:

Avatar Adi Da: She“You may have noticed that My painting has a calligraphic quality. There is a quality to My brushstrokes that is similar to the calligraphy of China, Japan, and Korea. My brushstrokes are not merely about hand-eye coordination—My principal movements are a dance-like or calligraphic response to the apparent subject I am painting. Therefore, you could describe My Work as calligraphic, which means ‘beautiful writing’".