Divine As Artist

Avatar Adi Da Samraj constantly communicates His Realization to others in all that He does. His artistic depictions of reality express His non-dualistic Relationship to it, wherein everything that exists is Known to be a modification of the One Divine Reality.

Avatar Adi Da's artistic expressions—in Writing, Painting and through Photography and Videography—are part of His means to draw others into Divine Contemplation. As such, His art invites participation, not passive viewing:

True art should permit and invite self-transcendence. True art is not merely the product of a hero or heroine who is able to transcend himself or herself and create something which is then to be passively admired by others. Participation in an art form should be a great exercise that enables you to transcend yourself. True art has a purpose for others, not merely a purpose for the artist.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da has been involved in various art forms since His early years, always as a developing expression of His impulse to draw others beyond the egoic point of view into a sense of That Which is Greater.

His Work can be more deeply appreciated in the light of the expressions of certain historical Realizers in various art forms (the Sufi poets, East Asian Buddhist brush painters, and so forth).

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