Avatar Adi Da on the Nature of
His own Participation in Art and Life

Spoken Communications, February 1999

To be alive in the fullest sense, even in Spiritual terms, means you keep playing. The stories about Me are called “Leelas”. The word “leela” means play. If the universe is not played, if your participation in existence moment to moment is not played, you are locked in place, you are trapped in the room. The “play” participation is the fundamental living participation, and therefore the fundamental creative participation.

Adi Da SamrajIf you still have that playful and fullest right participation, it is considered to be an artistic activity—or can be turned into an artistic activity—and that's what I'm talking about. Right participation is play—if you rightly understand what “play” is. It is free spontaneity. That is the case when there is inherent establishment in the Principle of Reality, conscious establishment in It. Then the world is Play, and not death.

Everybody is being interfered with by the material universe. It is time everybody got serious about it, instead of looking utopian “eyes over the waters” about all this dying world here.

So what about it? Where is the universe of Divinity?

Well, it is found in love, in the process of Real-God-Realization, in participation—not merely sitting back and looking at the objects here and trying to believe that there is “Something Creative” that likes you. That is not happening—whatever is making this is not liking it. Not in any of the stuff you look at.

So where is the secret? You have got to get with it.

It is not the material universe that is Divine. It is the universe of Love that is Divine. It's the universe found in Real-God-Realization, not merely the material (or so-called “objective”) universe seen by egos. That is a dreadful thing.

So I am talking about Divine Play, right participation in Reality, even in the midst of conditions. There must be this Freedom, based on being inherently and fully established in the Principle of Reality Itself.

Unless you are established thus, there is no “position” in which or from which to play. There is only confinement, rotation around yourself, wrapping around yourself tighter and tighter. You are on the pivot point of self-reference, divorcing self from not-self. Divine Self-Realization is “Madness” of Play, to find no “not-self” any more. There is Only Self.

So making images that show this in a way that is self-evidently the case is true art. To be able to make a tangible environment or generate a tangible experience that directly conveys or puts people in touch with the pattern of Truth, or Reality—that is good art.

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