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Wisdom on Death and Dying
from Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Easy Death book coverfeaturing the book "Easy Death"

"Easy Death is an exciting, stimulating, and thought-provoking book that adds immensely to the ever-increasing literature on the phenomena of life and death.

But, more important, perhaps, it is a confirmation that a life filled with love instead of fear can lead to an ultimately meaningful life and death. Thank you for this masterpiece."

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.

author of On Death and Dying

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1. Easy Death

The story Be Fearless (on our magazine website) relates Adi Da's Blessing and Guidance of His devotee, Tamara Mcphail, during the last period of her life. The text is a pre-publication excerpt taken from forthcoming third edition of Avatar Adi Da's book, Easy Death.

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2. What Love has Made of Death

The story of Avatar Adi Da's Instruction and Blessing during the illness and death of a devotee, by Carolyn Lee.

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3. Death and the Afterlife

In this talk recorded pm July 11, 1982, Avatar Adi Da covers the entire psychic process of death and the afterlife. In this excerpt, He examines the very foundations of human perception, including the Spiritual Source of our consciousness in death as well as in life. From the audiotape The Cosmic Mandala.

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RealAudio 11 minutes

4. Near Death Experiences and the Spiritual Reality

In this segment, Avatar Adi Da exposes common misconceptions about "heaven" and the afterlife, simultaneously providing the key to a right understanding of the death process as part of our larger Spiritual reality. From the audiotape The Cosmic Mandala.

Listen to 'Near Death Experiences'
RealAudio 5:14 minutes

5. Death is a Perfect Insult

In this beautiful and poetic essay, Avatar Adi Da expounds on how recognition of our mortality can (and should) be a profound and humbling experience, one that goads us to a moral conversion to love and the embrace of Spiritual Wisdom in life.

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6. There Is No Individual self That Dies

A clarifying criticism of our conventional notions of the afterlife, coupled with a calling to recognize the Divine Consciousness that is hidden by our egoity in death and during our lives.

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7. Death Is an Entirely Different Event Than You Think It to Be

A discourse on the psychic signs and profound release of energy that accompany the death (and birth) process.

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8. The Cosmic Mandala

Cosmic MandalaA text version of the discourse on audio above, with additional material from the complete talk. Avatar Adi Da examines the foundations of human perception, including the Spiritual Source of our consciousness in life and in death. He provides a map for "the universal mechanism in which the phenomena of near-death experiences arise."

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9. Ghosts

A brief discussion of ghostly phenomena, and how to properly and positively regard them.

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The following is a story of Avatar Adi Da's service to one of His devotees and her intimates, illustrating the principles He has given in Easy Death.

10. A Blessed Life and an Easeful Death

A story of the illness and transition of Cathy Lewis, as told by her intimates and friends. Taken from Death is a Living Process, the Adidam Guide to serving the dying, by the Adidam Death and Dying Ministry.

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Death and the Purpose of Existence

Death and the Purpose of Existence
This CD contains a collection of Talks and
recitations that exemplify Avatar Adi Da's
essential Wisdom-Teaching on death.
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Let Death Make You Serious About Life

Let Death Make You Serious About Life
In this Talk, Avatar Adi Da describes how we
ourselves determine our present experience
— during life and after death.
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Identification of the Beloved

Identification of the Beloved
Hear Avatar Adi Da describe the cycle of life
and inevitable death of our loved-ones, and
the necessity to fulfill the Law of Love.
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Easy Death, third edition

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