Audio Excerpts from Discourses
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

These audio excerpts are potent with Avatar Adi Da's Divine Blessing. Listening to them offers an opportunity to feel Avatar Adi Da at a depth beyond words and images – and ultimately, beyond all sense of separation.

The "Bright"

Avatar Adi Da Samraj reads His own description of the unique State of Transcendental Spiritual Freedom He has enjoyed since His birth.(audio - 19:10)

"God" Is Not The Cause

The Divine is the Condition within Which everything arises, not the "cause" of anything. Avatar Adi Da describes how the ego-activity causes the assumption of separation.(audio - 16:40)

On Cults and Cultism

Avatar Adi Da notes that cultism is rooted in the childish need to believe and to depend on a person, group, myth, or symbol – without assuming responsibility for oneself.(audio - 12:45)

Beyond Death, Sorrow, and Loss

Avatar Adi Da Samraj responds to a question from a devotee who had lost a grandchild and was asking how he could ease his sorrow.(audio - 16:53)

What Is Adidam

The Reality-Way of Adidam is based on the response to Avatar Adi Da's Divine State. That devotional response leads to "self"-understanding and the willingness to take up the real ego-transcending practice.(audio - 12:29)

The Need for The Spiritual Master

Avatar Adi Da speaks of the indispensable need for a fully accomplished Spiritual Realizer in order to discover the ultimate nature of Reality and Truth.(audio - 18.45)

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