Introduction to Audio and Video
of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Video and audio recordings offer an opportunity to experience Avatar Adi Da's brilliance and humor, His loving compassion and graceful fierceness, in a very immediate and intimate fashion.

Listening to Him and watching Him can deepen an intellectual understanding of His Reality-Teaching — and yet the opportunity is still greater than that.

These excerpts are potent with Avatar Adi Da's Divine Blessing-Transmission. They offer the opportunity to feel Avatar Adi Da at a depth beyond words and images — and ultimately, beyond all sense of separation.

Adidam Podcasts

Many of the recordings in this section of the website are also available on the Adidam Podcasting website. There you can subscribe to the Adidam audio and video series, called The 'Radical' Truth.

For information on how to subscribe to these podcasts through iTunes, please read the article "Adidam Podcasts — The 'Radical' Truth," which is published on the Adidam Revelation Magazine website.

Two Samples

Below you will find an example of each of the two types of recordings offered on this websi7te:

The "Bright" Beyond the "God" Idea

(also available on the Home Page)
Avatar Adi Da Samraj addresses the Ultimate Divine Reality, which is Conscious Light — beyond cause and effect and even beyond "point of view" itself. (video - 5:27)

The Need for The Spiritual Master

Avatar Adi Da speaks of the indispensable need for a fully accomplished Spiritual Realizer in order to discover the ultimate nature of Reality and Truth.(audio - 18.45)

Cracking the code of ExperienceRecorded Discourses

on DVD
and CD

Avatar Adi Da's Discourses are available through the
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Many of the DVDs include multi-language subtitles.