Empowered Sanctuaries

Empowered Sanctuaries

Traditionally, devotees provided Spiritual Masters with set-apart places where the Masters were free to do their Spiritual Work in an appropriate and secluded circumstance. These places became Spiritually Empowered through the Master's Presence and Intention.

In this traditional manner, devotees of Avatar Adi Da provided places that were set apart for Him to do His Blessing-Work for the sake of all humanity — as well as specific Transcendental Spiritual Work with those devotees who came on pilgrimage retreat to receive the Initiatory Blessing of being in His physical Company.

My Work for the entire world is My Divine Blessing-Work, Which I do principally in seclusion. I live in perpetual retreat in a hermitage mode, and receive those of My devotees who are rightly prepared in that circumstance.

Sometimes I roam in public circumstances, in order to have contact with people in general. But, fundamentally, I remain in hermitage retreat.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Adi Da and Adidam

During His human lifetime, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Empowered a number of such Hermitages and Sanctuaries, imbuing them with His Transcendental Spiritual Force and Blessing.

These sacred places are forever set aside as locations where His Divine Transmission is especially potent and tangible, and they are cared for as one of His Forms.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj with devotees in Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji -photograph

Over the years, temples and meditation halls have been built, at His request, in each of the larger Hermitages and Sanctuaries. His purpose has been to Empower such sacred sites as places where devotees can be filled with His Radiant Divine Blessing.

The Empowered Holy Places of Adidam Ruchiradam

Avatar Adi Da Established and Empowered several Hermitages and Sanctuaries, some of which are reserved for senior practitioners, and others which are open for people to come on pilgrimage:

Is Da Loka Temple, Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji - photograph

Adi Da Samrajashram (the Island of Naitauba, Fiji)

Adi Da Samrajashram in Fiji is Avatar Adi Da's principal Hermitage, and the primary Place from which His Divine Transcendental Spiritual Blessing Flows to the entire world.

The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, Northern, California - photograph

Seventh Gate at The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary, in Northern California

Da Love Ananda Mahal, Dome Temple, Adidam - Hawaii

Da Love-Ananda Mahal in Hawaii

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is Spiritually alive at each Hermitage and Sanctuary, in perpetuity. He has Invested Himself Spiritually in these sacred places, and His Transcendental Spiritual Power and Presence is constantly active, and will always be Present, in each of them.

I will always (forever), during and after (and forever after) the (physical) Lifetime of My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form (here), be Divinely Transcendentally Spiritually Present (by all My Divine Avataric Means) at all... of the Directly-by-Me Transcendentally Spiritually Empowered Sapta Na Sannyasin Hermitages and Ruchira Sannyasin Sanctuaries... each of Which I have Directly Transcendentally Spiritually Empowered and Transcendentally Spiritually Established as a unique Sacred Domain (and a Perpetual Agent of My Divine Avataric Purposes), Set Apart (and, Thus, Made Holy) for constant Pilgrimages and Retreats (and every other truly Me-Invoking, and devotionally Me-Recognizing, and devotionally to-Me-responding, and devotionally Me-serving Sacred use) by My by-Me-Transcendentally-Spiritually-Initiated devotees.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Da Love-Ananda Gita

A view from Samraj Mahal, Naitauba, Fiji

A view from Samraj Mahal
Adi Da Samrajashram,
Naitauba, Fiji