Beyond Cultism

Beyond Cultism

Avatar Adi Da's Confrontation of Cultism

Avatar Adi Da has not described the hidden machinery of cultism for merely academic purposes. He has done this because His purpose in the world is the Divine Awakening of humankind. Even in its subtlest and most "respectable" forms, cultism is the abject refusal of that Awakening.

It is the refusal of consciousness and of transformation. It is egoity itself. The Way Avatar Adi Da offers is the utter dissolution of the very principle of egoity and, therefore, of the very root of cultism in all its insidious costumes.

Whereas a cultic person wants to be consoled, comforted, and protected, the Reality-Way of Adidam brings a series of profound tests that draw the devotee through the trials of a genuinely human life.

Where cults traffic in future hopes, the devotional and Transcendental Spiritual relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj is always "happening" in the present moment. The joy and peace of Communion with Him are always available now, and never to be put off to a future time.

The Truly Mature Adult

While the egoic mechanism prefers to curl up in the easy chair of religious belief, Avatar Adi Da demands that the practice of His devotees be founded in their living experience of Him — never in any mere belief about Him.

Belief in Avatar Adi Da (or anything else) cannot transform anyone at the heart.

Instead of giving up responsibility to a parental deity, He requires responsibility on every imaginable level. Authentic Spiritual practice simply cannot unfold on any other basis.

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