The following excerpts were written as letters to Avatar Adi Da after occasions in which He sat in Darshan with devotees, Transmitting His Blessing to them.

I Felt You as “Bright” Light, Cascading Down From Infinitely Above

Beloved Adi Da, in Darshan today I felt You very clearly as “Bright” Light, Cascading down from infinitely above, Blissfully Entering at the top of the head and the ajna door, and Filling the frontal line and indeed the entire body-mind. My attention was drawn up toward the ajna chakra, with the eyes spontaneously assuming the upturned gaze, and my attention fixed on You, Beloved. I kept heart-feeling towards You, and there was no doubt You Were Present as this Current of “Brightness” and Love-Bliss-Fullness. As I continued to contemplate You, I saw that the whole room was bathed in visible “Bright” Light, Radiating from You, my Lord. You Melted all feeling, all perception into You, until the boundaries of the body seemed to dissolve, and You literally Enveloped me utterly in Your Love and Light-filled Divine Bliss-Body.

—Teresa Romero

Your Divine Love-Bliss Fullness Seemed to Acquire the Room

As You sat in Perfect Stillness tonight, Your Divine Love-Bliss Fullness seemed to acquire the room, calming and conforming and absorbing everything into Your State of profound equanimity. I noticed at one point that the usual sense of bodily boundaries had dissolved. My head felt like an undifferentiated fluid mass distorted out of shape but filled and surrounded by Your Radiant Light. When any form of the self-contraction would arise, I could so easily press beyond it to You by yielding the entire body-mind to You through the inhaled breath. At some point I became so saturated by Your thick Love-Blissful Presence that I felt I could not move. What a miraculous Gift Your Divine Incarnate Form is, my Lord, infinitely multiplied to be the Perfect Lover to Your every devotee. I am unspeakably grateful to You.

—Lynn Rosencranz

I Felt You Above and Beyond and Everywhere

I beheld Your Divine Form as You took Your Seat and was amazed at the Infinite Paradox of Your Appearance—so human in Form, yet Infinitely more and beyond. I was immediately affected by Your Unmovable Strength and Stillness. As the sitting progressed, Beloved, only a shadow of self-awareness arose and fell again as Your Radiant and Blissful Presence subsumed me in You. I felt You, invoked You, breathed You, surrendered to You, loved and worshipped You, and received You in my heart and throughout my body-mind. And I felt You above and beyond and everywhere also. At times Your Presence was a Force, Pressing my eyes and attention upwards to the ajna center and then up to the crown and above. But at other times, Your Divine Presence was so thick and heavy that I could not open my eyes, even as You looked at me, or lift my head as it fell forwards. I noticed all of this, but really, Beloved, it was only You, and soon I was forgotten. Your Stillness was so profoundly Deep. And I feel You now in that same depth, even as I animate the more peripheral aspects of this body-mind.

—Anthony Costabile

All Was Your Mindless, Blissful Happiness

In Darshan You were extremely “Bright”. You sat as the center of the universe, spreading Your Radiant Brilliant Light through all my cells into the room and beyond. All was Your mindless, blissful Happiness. At times kriyas would arise as if from some depth of past lives or another time. It felt as if You were melting me in past, present, and future. You filled me with great energy in the circle, polishing me clean. In each Darshan, You deepen my feeling-Contemplation of You and my knowledge of You as the All-Doer. I feel You are increasing my ability to paint You through my feeling, rather than depending on my eyes. During the week, You are much more alive in me than every before. I am so grateful for this time with You, Dearest One.

—Jain McFetridge

I Could Feel Your Divine Spiritual Body Pervading and Surrounding Me

Immediately, I could feel Your Divine Spiritual Body pervading and surrounding me and I began to surrender to You by breathing You down and staying open to Your Divine Blessing. When You gazed in my direction, my Lord, I could feel Your Light shining forth from Your eyes and I could barely hold Your face in focus as You are so bright. I felt everything melting between You and me and I became You. Your image was before my eyes and I melted into You.

—Marilyn Peverall

You Revealed Yourself as Real God

I Felt a Shaft of Energy in My Brain Core That Extended Upwards

The Darshan occasion today was filled with Your Sweet Bliss. I was intoxicated by Your Bliss and felt carried in a sort of gentle swoon. At times I felt a shaft of energy in my brain core that extended upwards. I felt like You were showing me how to go deeper into Your Bliss Presence and that it is simply a matter of staying with You in an open or surrendered disposition. Thank You my Beloved Lord.

—Jack Lewis

I Experienced a Most Sublime and Embracing Calmness

You filled the room with Your Living Radiance and overwhelming Love-Bliss with a Sweetness and an Intensity, and You allowed me to “melt” into You, as everything else disappeared. The quality of the occasion enabled me to enter into a deeper and more contemplative state, and to literally feel wave after wave of Your Divine Transmission entering and also pressing in and around this body-mind. You touched my heart with Your Beauty and Your Blessing, and tears of joy at beholding the Vision of You, God as Guru, filled my eyes and my heart over and over again. While feeling Your forceful Siddhi, I also experienced a most sublime and embracing calmness that further drew me into Your Divine Sphere.

—Eileen McCarthy

Your “Brightness” Was Almost Blinding In Its Intensity

As You took Your Seat I gazed upon Your “Brightness”, purely happy. Very shortly I felt You were Working this physical body at various levels. I felt the body being twisted, pulled, manipulated physically. Then I felt moved to a molecular level of whirling particles within a defined space. I felt You Doing all of this. When my form was a whirling mass of particles, You, Beloved Lord, would move through this whirling mass. It was most exquisite pleasure as You moved through. Then I was drawn in the same form to move through Your “Bright” Body. Your “Brightness” was almost blinding in Its Intensity. The same exquisite pleasure followed this movement. You alternated the movement slowly like an ecstatic dance.

—Dell Adams-Bain


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