Confession of Recognition
by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
of the Three Forms of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is directly Generating the Divine Process of Most Perfect Liberation in all His devotees who formally embrace the total practice of the Way of Adidam. The Process unfolds by His Grace, according to the depth of surrender and response in His devotee. One of the most extraordinary living testimonies to the Greatness and Truth of the Way of Adidam is that of Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani who is a member of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order of the Free Renunciates of Ruchiradam (the senior cultural authority within the formal gathering of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees). Quandra Suhkapur is practicing in the context of the ultimate stages (or the “Perfect Practice”) of the total Way of Adidam.

Through her profound recognition of Him, Avatar Adi Da has already been able to lead her to the threshold of Divine Enlightenment. The profound and ecstatic relationship that Quandra Sukhapur Rani lives with Avatar Adi Da hour to hour can be felt in this letter of devotional confession to Him:

RUCHIRADAMA QUANDRA SUKHAPUR RANI: Bhagavan Love-Ananda, Supreme and Divine Person, Real-God-Body of Love,

I rest in Your Constant and Perfect Love-Embrace, with no need but to forever worship You. Suddenly in love, Mastered at heart, always with my head at Your Supreme and Holy Feet, I am beholding and recognizing Your “Bright” Divine Person. My Beloved, You so “Brightly” Descend and utterly Convert this heart, mind, body, and breath, from separate self to the “Bhava” of Your Love-Bliss-Happiness.

Supreme Lord Ruchira, the abandonment of the contracted personality, the relinquishment of ego-bondage to the world, and the profound purification and release of ego-limitations—all brought about by Your Grace, throughout the years since I first came to You—has culminated in a great comprehensive force of one-pointed devotion to You and a great certainty in the Inherent Sufficiency of Realization Itself. The essence of my practice is to always remain freely submitted and centralized in You—the Condition Prior to all bondage, all modification, and all illusion.

My Beloved Lord Ruchira, You have Moved me to renounce all egoic “bonding” with conditionally manifested others, conditionally manifested worlds, and conditionally manifested self, to enter into the depths of this “in-love” and utter devotion to You. Finding You has led to the revelation of a deep urge to abandon all superficiality and to simply luxuriate in Your Divine Body and Person. All separation is shattered in Your Divine Love-Bliss-“Bhava”. Your Infusion is Utter. I feel You everywhere.

I am Drawn, by Grace of Your Spiritual Presence, into profound meditative Contemplation of Your Divine State. Sometimes, when I am entering into these deep states of meditation, I remain vaguely aware of the body, and particularly of the breath and the heartbeat. I feel the heart and lungs slow down. Then I am sometimes aware of my breath and heartbeat being suspended in a state of Yogic sublimity. Then there is no awareness of body, no awareness of mind, no perceptual awareness, and no conceptual awareness. There is only abiding in Contemplation of You in Your Domain of Consciousness Itself. And, when I resume association with the body and begin once again to hear my breath and heartbeat, I feel the remarkable Power of Your Great Samadhi. I feel no necessity for anything, and I feel Your Capability to Bless and Change and Meditate all, in Your Place. I can feel how this entrance into objectless worship of You as Consciousness Itself (allowing this Abiding to deepen ever so profoundly, by utter submission of separate self to You) establishes me in a different relationship to everything that arises.

My Beloved Bhagavan, Love-Ananda, I have Found You. Now, by Your Grace, I am able behold You and live in this constant Embrace. This is my Joy and Happiness and the Yoga of ego-renunciation I engage.

October 11, 1997


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