Teaching Work

From the moment of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Re-Awakening, He began to Draw others to Him, began to “Meditate” them, or Spiritually Work with them, both silently and actively.

Avatar Adi Da’s formal Teaching work began with the opening of His first ashram on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, on April 25, 1972.

In 1973, Avatar Adi Da realized that He would have to enter more profoundly into the lives of His devotees in order to Teach them and draw them through the ordeal of Realization. So Avatar Adi Da became more like a “friend” to His devotees, went into every kind of situation with them, and was available without qualification to their requirements and demands.

This Work of Submission to His devotees in order to move them through the ordeal of self-understanding and reveal the Way of Adidam continued through many phases and periods, until the event that initiated Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Self-“Emergence” in January 1986.

The Way of Adidam has been Generated by My Avataric and difficult Divine Work, My Avataric Self-Submission, My unique and Extraordinary Avataric “reality consideration”—in the context of My own Avatarically-Born Body-Mind, and also in the context of My relationship with My devotees, and in the context of My relationship with everyone altogether.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Knee Of Listening


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