Divine Self-“Emergence”

On January 11, 1986, Avatar Adi Da passed through a profound Yogic Swoon, which He later Described as the initial Event of His Divine Self-“Emergence”. In a temporary relinquishment of the Body, His Work as the Teacher who submits to be like ordinary human beings in order to serve them spontaneously came to an end. Avatar Adi Da Spiritually Descended back into His Body with a new Work—to Bless all beings and Call them to recognize and respond to Him.

Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Self-“Emergence” is an ongoing Process in which His Body has been (and is ever more profoundly and potently being) utterly conformed to His Identity as the Very Divine Person, such that His Body is an utterly Unobstructed Sign and Agent of His Spiritual Presence and Transcendental Divine State.

What actually occurred on the morning of January 11, 1986, was a sudden and spontaneous transition from My Teaching Work to My Blessing Work—or to My Work as the Eternally Free-Standing, and always presently “Emerging”, Divine World-Teacher. It was a Transition in My Disposition from My Work of Submitting to others (even to the point of complete Identification with them in their apparently limited condition) to simply Surrendering My human Body-Mind into My own Self-Condition.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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