Beginning of the “Sadhana Years”

“Sadhana” is Sanskrit for “spiritual practice”. Avatar Adi Da’s “Sadhana Years” began with His intentional decision to follow His impulse to relocate the “Bright”, which had faded from His childhood.

After high school, beginning in the fall of 1957, Avatar Adi Da attended Columbia University in New York.

Entering Columbia, He was possessed with a question: “What is Consciousness?” Avatar Adi Da pursued the answer intensively through studies and intentional experimentation with all forms of experience.

In His junior year, an event occurred in which He recognized that seeking for Truth was the very cause of suffering. But He could not hold on to this understanding permanently.

After graduating from Columbia, Avatar Adi Da moved to California and began a Master’s program in creative writing at Stanford University. Living on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Avatar Adi Da explored Consciousness and the Nature of existence through intensive writing. Through this, He uncovered the underlying pattern of the activity of self-contraction.

In 1964, Avatar Adi Da had the intuition that He must find a human Teacher to help Him in His sadhana.


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