Ruchira Buddha

“The Ruchira Buddha” is a Title assumed by Avatar Adi Da Samraj in late 1996. To address Adi Da as “Ruchira” (Sanskrit for “radiant”) is to acknowledge Him as “the Radiant, Shining, ?Bright’ One”. “Buddha” is a traditional term for an Enlightened being (literally meaning “awakened one”), but when Avatar Adi Da’s devotees use it in reference to Him, they intend it in the sense of “The One Who Is, Self-Radiant, Inherently (or Perfectly Subjectively) ?Bright’, Self-Enlightened, and Eternally Awake”.

When Avatar Adi Da Samraj is addressed as “the Ruchira Buddha” this does not mean that He is part of the historical tradition of Buddhism. Rather, this title acknowledges that Avatar Adi Da is the Eternally “Bright”-Shining and Awake One Who has now appeared to establish His own unique and uniquely complete tradition of Most Perfect Divine Awakening.