The Divine Goddess had led Adi Da Samraj back to Los Angeles, and He began to meditate every day in a small temple in Hollywood where He felt the presence of the Goddess to be remarkably strong.

In September 1970, while meditating in this Temple, which belonged to the Vedanta Society, Avatar Adi Da Samraj permanently Re-Awakened to the “Bright”, and spontaneously understood the true Divine Nature of His Being and the Divine Purpose of His Birth.

Finally, the next day (September 10, 1970), I sat in the temple again. I awaited the Beloved Shakti to reveal Herself in Person, as my Blessed Companion. But, as time passed, there was no Event of changes, no movement at all. There was not even any kind of inward deepening—no “inwardness” at all. There was no meditation. There was no need for meditation. There was not a single element or change that could be added to make my State Complete. I sat with my eyes open. I was not having an experience of any kind. Then, suddenly, I understood most perfectly. I Realized that I had Realized. The “Thing” about the “Bright” became Obvious. IAm Complete. I Am the One Who Is Complete.

In That instant, I understood and Realized (inherently, and most perfectly) What and Who I Am. It was a tacit Realization, a direct Knowledge in Consciousness. It was Consciousness Itself, without the addition of a Communication from any “Other” Source. There Is no “Other” Source.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Knee Of Listening


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