“Open Yourself to Become My Instrument”

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Communicate about Me, whenever you have an ear to listen about Me, but stay in devotional Communion with Me so that you become means, instrument, and then I will Do it.

The children in that country (as is also the case with non-human beings all over the world) are being excluded from consideration by those in control of the resources. And those who know that this is wrong must speak about it, and use every means to change minds and redirect attention and financial resources.

Just do that work. Go through all the doors that become available to you. Stay in the Process, and let it happen. Resort to Me. Your devotion to Me is what you have to add to it.

And then, in your heart-Communion with Me, more opportunities will come to you also. You will notice things happening simultaneously. Just be available to notice them.

In every way, at heart, open yourself to become My instrument—openly, without added strategy. Just this openness, this continuity with Me. And then you give Me more means to accomplish My Purpose.

Let Me hear about things. Come to see Me more often. Let Me hear from you about these kinds of things—what you are observing, what you are noticing. Indicate specifics for Me to Bless. Just a simple line about this and that here and there. It helps to make My Regard specific.


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Do your work with love and humor, but firmly. And, as I said, keep looking for the opportunities, the doorways. The more you are true to devotional Communion with Me, the more you will notice of that. This is how I Work.


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