Critic of Cultism

I refuse to console individuals by telling them that all they need to do is believe in Me, that all they need to do is practice some kind of technique and they will Realize God, no matter what they do otherwise.

I want My devotees to understand themselves and to practice true heart-Communion with Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In the media and in popular culture generally, the term “cult” is applied (with negative intent) to almost any minority religion.

But “cultism” is actually something that can be seen in all areas of human life. As Avatar Adi Da explains, cultism is simply the collective (as opposed to the individual) manifestation of ego. In the phenomenon of cultism, the group excludes and eliminates what is “outside” itself, focusing obsessively on whatever person, idea, or thing is at its center.

Avatar Adi Da has no interest in the game of “cults”—He specifically criticizes and refuses to tolerate that tendency in His devotees. His Confession of His own Divinity is a proclamation to be verified in each individual's real experience of Him—not a dogma to be accepted as a matter of belief.

Thus, the real practice of Adidam is a specifically non-cultic process, in which the ego is transcended in both its individual and its collective manifestations.


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