The worlds are an exclamation of My Names.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In ordinary life, names are our means of relating to everything and everyone and of organizing our perception of the world. A person or a thing hardly even exists to us until we invest it with a name. Naming can be seen as a kind of magic, as ancient and traditional peoples have always understood. In the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin, the one who guesses the name of the dwarf robs him of his power.

Sacred names have always been felt to carry the blessings and the very essence of the deity they invoke. In many religious traditions, there is not merely one but a myriad of Names for the principal deity, because one Name cannot adequately describe the Infinite Being.

The Names of Adi Da Samraj have arisen and been Revealed as a part of the Leela or “Divine Play” of His Life altogether. Apart from the Name “Love-Ananda”, Given to Him by His Guru Swami Muktananda, His Names were simply Revealed to Him, or (otherwise) ecstatically offered to Him by His devotees. In general, the appearance of each of His Names has coincided with a profound transformation in His Life and Work, and ushered in a new phase of His Revelation. This has been so from the moment of His Birth.

Current Names:

Adi Da Samraj has Indicated that the Names by which He should now be addressed and referred to are those which have been Revealed since His Divine Self-“Emergence” in 1986. His previous names are part of the Story of His Life and Work and have historical importance, but they are no longer in use.

Historical Names:

During the years of what He calls His “Revelation-Epoch”—1972 to 1995—Adi Da Samraj Revealed Himself progressively to His devotees and to the world. He took many Names, each indicative of His mode of Divine Work during that time.