Franklin Jones

“Franklin Albert Jones” was the name given to Avatar Adi Da Samraj at birth (on November 3, 1939).

Through research into the root-meanings of the names “Franklin”, “Albert”, and “Jones”, Avatar Adi Da’s devotees have discovered that even His birth name has Spiritual depth—“the highly-born “Bright” Free Man through Whom God is Gracious”.

For thirty-three years Avatar Adi Da lived “incognito” as Franklin Jones—the child, the college student, the brilliant Yogi, the Radiant, fully-Enlightened Master of His early devotees. “Franklin Jones”, Avatar Adi Da remarked years later, was a “fictional character”. His born name was a “pseudonym”, necessary in its time, for His Emerging Revelation as the Divine Person.

Adi Da Samraj relinquished this name in 1973.