Beyond the East and West

Traditionally, religious practitioners have understood that the pursuits of ordinary life (such as wealth, food, and sex) can be profoundly deluding and binding. Therefore, asceticism has typically been chosen as the approach to spiritual life, in order to bypass the complications of involvement in worldly affairs.

However, Adi Da Samraj is not an ascetic. During the years of His sadhana and Teaching Work, Adi Da Samraj explored all ordinary and extraordinary searches of human beings. He lived—and understood—the worldly approach to life and the ascetical approach to life. He realized that the same motivation—the search to “feel good”—was underlying both approaches. Therefore, He saw that neither approach, in and of itself, was “right”.

During the years of His sadhana and Teaching Work, Adi Da Samraj discovered and revealed how ordinary life can be transformed such that it is no longer an impediment to Divine Realization.

I Can Do Whatever Is Necessary, In My Avataric Self-Submission To You, Without (In The Slightest) Disturbing My Divine Self-Realization. My Divine Self-Realization Cannot Be Destroyed! My Divine Self-Realization (Revealed and Demonstrated By Me To You, here, In This Avataric Divine Appearance Made Of Mankind) Is Pristine, Original, and Absolutely “Bright”.

My Divine Self-Realization Is Not Dependent On Anything (or any conditions). Therefore, I Have Been Able (and Moved) To Incarnate and Submit Myself (and To Surrender Even All The Signs Of My Avataric Embodiment) Completely—For Your Sake. This Is The Freedom Necessary For Me, In Order To Serve You Perfectly.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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